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Prepare, Practice, Review
Learning at a time, place and pace designed to fit busy schedules.

Intro App
Intro App

Learning starts before the live session and continues long afterwards. Our tutors will prepare the session according to the learner's course or their specific needs.

Learners work on the next module for their level. Every module helps learners develop their language skills naturally and covers a range of situational vocabulary, grammar and new phrases in context. Completing the listening, speaking and pronunciation activities before the live session gives learners an edge. 


The tutorial sessions are active with a high level of learner participation, giving the opportunity to produce what was previously learnt and consolidated online. Our tutors are always happy to cover specific topics as the need arises. 


Following on from each session, learners receive a report with new vocabulary, phrases, grammar and pronunciation tips, together with details on key areas for improvement. Learners can also access a private video archive and transcript of the session to help review and further consolidate.

Standards & Accreditation

All of our material is designed in-house, based on over 50 years' real-world experience and fully accredited by Pearson the world's largest and most extensively referenced publisher in language learning across the globe.

Recognising your Progress
All our courses present the opportunity to study relevant, engaging and fun material that guarantees progress. On completion of a series of courses learners will be ready to take on new challenges at a higher level. All progress is tracked and verified allowing learners to identify gaps and areas for further improvement.

Setting the standard
Our academic standards are guided by and aligned to the Council of Europe’s Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR): Learning, Teaching, Assessment as well as regulations from exam organisations and authorities in Ireland, Britain, USA, Canada, and Australia.

The Level Test
Our level test follows CEFR guidelines ensuring accurate needs analysis and course placement. It can also help in establishing which exam type would be the most appropriate if learners are thinking of taking the TOEIC, TOEFL, IELTS, CPE or any of the Cambridge certificate exams.

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Built for you

Chances are that your learners already have all the technology they need to get started. We’ve built an amazingly simple to use system for requesting sessions at the best time for learners, for choosing and working on the preparation material, for sharing files before or after a session, and for getting the most out of every course.

Your Connection is Good!
Connected! Approved! System setup and ready to go! Contact us today to start your language program and help your learners make progress now!

Learners pick the content that they're most interested in, we add the live sessions. Learners then request the time and day that suits them best and we'll set up the rest. No credits will be taken from learners' accounts until we've confirmed a tutor and scheduled the sessions.

The Right Start, Guaranteed

Once learners receive their access credentials, they complete the registration of their account on our platform. We’ll get everyone up and running straight away with our online level test. The test should take no more than 40 minutes to complete and will allow us to offer learners the correct level leaving them to choose the perfect course for their needs.

Get straight into it

We’ll start with a full session where learners get to see how we do things. During this session, our tutors can also help guide learners to choose the perfect course if they haven't already done so. 

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