September 13 2019

Why Reading is Important for Language Learners

Reading is the third of the four language skills, which are:

1. Listening 2. Speaking 3. Reading 4. Writing.

You need to know what your reading level is. Your reading level is normally higher than your writing level, and higher than your overall level.

It is important to read texts that are at the right level for you - not too easy, not too difficult.

Ask your teacher to help you understand your reading level.

Reading is an essential skill for language learners and it can help you learn English faster and more completely. When your reading skills improve, your listening, speaking and writing skills improve too. Here are some of the specific reasons why English learners are encouraged to read in English:

The constant repetition of words and patterns in reading helps you learn and remember vocabulary and grammar structures.

Reading helps you become familiar with the rhythm of English. Over time it will start to feel natural and you will notice when a sentence or phrase doesn't seem right.

Unlike conversation, reading is something you can do on your own.

Reading is not expensive, often free.

Good reading skills can improve your other language skills. You need to learn to read before you can write.

Bonus Tip 1: Use graded readers. What are graded readers? They are books written for each learner level, from Beginner to Advanced.

Bonus Tip 2: Use a Kindle or e-Reader. e-Books are cheaper than paper books and they have a Dictionary & you can create Vocabulary Lists. Download an English dictionary for your Kindle and every time you see a new word, you can select it and add it to your list of new vocabulary. This means you can read on the metro, on holidays etc. and you don´t need to carry a dictionary and a pen and paper.

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